Director of Sales and Marketing

Ephrata, PA

Proprietary Product Director of Sales & Marketing Position
Highly Relational Sales of Precast Concrete Wall Foundations to Small and Local Builders and Home Owners
(Servicing PA, MD, and the Northeast)

We’re looking for someone who believes what Zig Zigler said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” We need someone who understands that serving others, not “selling to them,” will make them the most successful sales person.

Highly successful sales people believe deeply in what they are selling, and for whom they sell. For us, it is important that you are great at business development, but just as important, is that you match our culture, and believe deeply in the transformational products and services we provide for builders and home owners.

We aren’t hiring just a sales department leader. We’re looking for someone who expects to have a transformational impact in the lives of hundreds of builders and home owners. To that end, this won’t be an ad listing a set of tasks and corresponding skills, but an opportunity to find a place to Make Meaning, not just money. We don’t believe in traditional “employees.” You OWN your job responsibilities.

The primary duties of this Relationship Builder position is to oversee our sales force:

1) to ensure our team has the leadership and support needed to serve our customers in the best way possible,

2) to inspire our team to grown their individual and team sales to meet and exceed goals and expectations,

3) to be the face of our Sales Team and serve our team and customers with quality, integrity, and compassion, care and respect.

4) You will also be a. responsible for overall productivity and effectiveness of the entire sales function; b. regularly interacting with the Ownership and Leadership Team to establish department and company goals; c. ensuring we have the right sales reps on the team to serve our customers to company standards.

If you love working with a team and inspiring them to reach and exceed their potential while fulfilling our customers’ needs and upholding our values, this could be a very meaningful position for you. But only if you feel that Weaver Precast Inc. itself is the kind of business you could believe in and be part of, and only if you see yourself fitting in with the rest of the staff.

Who are we?

We are a construction company that manufactures and installs precast concrete wall foundations for residential homes. We provide a better home living experience by delivering our best Superior Walls™ basement every time we’re given the chance. Our company gives back to our local communities in unique and inspiring ways and also invests in the lives of our employees and their families by providing meaningful work experiences and resources for personal enrichment. Weaver Precast Inc. is part of The Weaver Business Family which includes We-Mar Inc. (our management company) and Superior
Walls of the Northeast LLC, which sells and installs our product in our northeast territory.

Our core values:

Our core values are Quality; Service; Compassion, Care & Respect; and Integrity. Those who do not believe in our mission and core values will be disqualified from consideration. We believe in Stakeholders who are sold on what we’re doing not employees who punch clocks. No one is an “employee” in the traditional sense. Everyone is a Stakeholder because we only want people who will “own” their work, not just do it. Employees have to be told what to do, Stakeholders are proactive and work hard to improve the whole company.

If you like a fluid, growing, expanding organization and if you enjoy helping us all figure out how to continue to grow, we could be a good fit. If you are looking for a box within which you will find a clear list of tasks to perform and regularly set times to be “at work”, please do not apply – we don’t see life that way.

What do we want you to do?

If you enjoy meaningful work, a focus on RESULTS, not activity, working very closely with other Stakeholders and clients and proactively on your own, we might be a good fit.

If you find fulfillment in:

1) Working with Various Team Members and Prospective Clients a. Finding out what they each need, not what you can tell or sell them; b. Getting them all connected to Weaver Precast Inc.’s product or service;

2) Working closely as part of the Weaver Team – To continue to build all markets and lay the foundation for continued growth. We do a lot of things together to build our own community and the business;

3) Helping us build our brand – You will be a big part of the “face” of Weaver Precast Inc., introducing what we’re about and our offerings to those who don’t yet know us. You can’t just sell things. You need to believe deeply in the transformational impact we are having in the lives of builders and home owners, and represent that to every client with whom you meet;

4) Acting as if you own the company – taking initiative and ownership, making decisions, thinking ahead, and being proactive (we don’t need “reactive” people who need to be told what to do), working with others to constantly make things better and deliver better products and services every day;

5) Not working 9-5, but 8-3, 9-4, 10-6, 9-noon, nothing today – go for a walk, 7-6 etc.;

6) Working together to secure a win-win-win for the customer, the Company, and yourself;

7) Driving your own compensation level by matching up our products and services at profitable levels with builders and homeowners who desire to find better home living and house construction methods;

…then we might be a good fit.

Preferred skills:

  • Balancing Priorities – If you get stuck in the details and can’t see the forest for the trees, this job is not right for you. We need someone to inspire and lead our Sales Team to open doors and close sales along with understanding the work and time needed to span that gap.
  • High sense of urgency – Things can’t happen tomorrow (tomorrow never comes). We need someone who will get hives if things aren’t getting done today.
  • Highly Relational – you will need to connect relationally very quickly with your team and potential customers. You need to be attuned to what they need, and they need to know that you “get them.”
  • Service & Product sales background –You will be working with the team selling both a premium product and a service. You can’t flip through a sales book until someone sees something they like. You will have to work with the team to cast vision for how our products and services will change our customers’ lives weeks or even many months later, and help the customers see why they should jump on board before they get any benefit.
  • Excellent communication skills in person, on the phone, and in writing – As a major face of The Weaver Group, you will need to understand our products thoroughly and be an excellent communicator of them to the business world around you.
  • Ability to lead and inspire a diverse team of Sales Reps to exceed expectations.
  • Balancing Priorities and a High Sense of Urgency – did we mention this already?
  • Initiative and the ability to figure things out on your own.
  • Comfortable with change and working in unknown situations.
  • Discretion in handling and communicating sensitive information.
  • Willingness to work under pressure in a dynamic environment.
  • A positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • An “owners” mindset. We all own the result and act like we own the company.

This will be a salaried position with the ability to earn commission and bonuses based on meeting/exceeding set goals adjusted on an annual basis. Reasonable expectations would be a run rate of $85 – $130k in salary and commissions/bonuses by the end of the first year with growth each following year. This position includes insurance, 401(k) and profit sharing, paid time off, paid holidays and more –all depending on performance and how valuable you have made yourself to The Weaver Group team.

What is the Next Step?
For now, just email your resume as well as answers to the following questions. Short answers are fine – we don’t expect you to spend two hours on these:

1) How is this position a fit for you?
2) What would you get out of working in the environment described here?
3) What are the three biggest strengths you could bring to us?
4) How can we support you – what do you need from us to be successful?
5) Where do you want to go with your life (career is a part of life, not separate)?
6) What’s the one thing standing in your way to getting you to where you want to go?
7) List the three things, in order of impact, that you would bring to Weaver Precast to take us to the next level.

What other helpful info did we forget to ask?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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