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The long-running PBS show This Old House visited our Ephrata plant to see how we make precast foundation walls.

Why More Homeowners are Asking for Superior Walls

Never Worry About Moisture in Your Basement

The 5,000+ psi concrete mix we use is moisture resistant. The specified crushed stone sub-footer and perimeter drain directs water away from the foundation, keeping your home dry.

Save Money on Energy Bills

A continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, which is more energy efficient and reduces energy costs. Our walls have concrete studs so you can easily add insulation without installing additional framing.

Faster Installation & Fewer Delays

As soon as the Superior Walls foundation is in place, building can begin immediately – usually the same afternoon. Weather conditions are not a factor!

Superior Walls vs. Poured Concrete Installation

Key differences between precast and poured foundations.

Precast Foundation Poured Foundation
Install Time 1 day (or less) Up to 1 week
Job Scheduling Can be installed in any weather Temperature & conditions can slow you down
Backfilling Immediately after walls are up and secured to subfloor Wait until at least 50% cured
Cleanliness No broken blocks, sand, or concrete mess Time & labor for clean up

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Service Area

From our location in Ephrata, PA, we manufacture, distribute, and install & service Superior Walls products throughout Lancaster County and surrounding metro areas, including:

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