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Rick Hufford, Site Supervisor for EG Stolzfus Custom Homes, talks about why they choose Superior Walls for their projects.

Why Do Home Builders Choose Superior Walls?

Tangible Benefits for Your Customers

Superior Walls are designed to keep basements warm, comfortable, and dry.

Fast Installation

We’ll arrive in the morning on the agreed upon date and have the walls set in half a day or 1 day, depending on complexity.

Avoid Delays

Superior Walls are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility and can be installed in just about any weather.

Ready to Finish

Your customers have the option to finish the space now or wait until later.

Lower Costs

There’s no need to spend time or money adding insulation or painting the exterior.

Cleaner Jobsites

There are no broken blocks, sand, or concrete messes to deal with.

Building Partners

We work with custom home builders who care about providing the best value and custom home construction experience for their customers.

With Superior Walls, you receive a product with added value that saves time and money and makes your customer feel confident their home is built on the best foundation on the market.

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How to Order Your Superior Walls Foundation

How To Get Started

Two items are initially required to begin:

  1. A set of home building plans
  2. The location you plan to build

A sales representative will contact you to discuss the details of your project.

Weaver Precast will then provide:

  1. An estimate for production and installation of Superior Walls at your building site
  2. Options for payment or credit terms
  3. Details on what will be needed to continue the order process

Upon acceptance of estimate:

  1. Sales representative will work with you to gather specific details to design your custom foundation
  2. A full set of home plans will be required
  3. Payment terms will be established based on credit application

Weaver Precast will then provide:

  1. Plan/schematic CAD drawings
  2. 3D drawings
  3. Final proposal based on your final drawing

As the builder, you are responsible for reviewing the drawings carefully, checking all dimensions, object locations, beam pockets, and opening sizes for sign off. The summary block contains the information that you need. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative who will be happy to assist.

When Your Foundation Becomes an Order

Your foundation becomes an order when we have received your signed approval of all CAD drawings and a signed proposal. A customer service team member will contact you to establish a project schedule.

Note: It is imperative that we have access to the jobsite and that it is prepared correctly for a smooth, quick, and high-quality installation. The Site Preparation Sheet/Checklist explains in detail the requirements for access and properly preparing your jobsite for installation. If the site has questionable access, call your sales representative to work out a plan.

A member of our customer service team will contact you to verify you are on-schedule prior to producing your Superior Walls foundation. Since your foundation is 100% custom, no changes can be made to your design once it has been released to production without incurring additional costs.

Code officials may require a footer inspection on the soil prior to setting the stone in the excavated site. Call your code official concerning this phase.

When your site is excavated, the stone has been installed, and the corner pins established, please call Nate West at 717-733-4823 x127 to inform him that the site is ready.

Installation Day

Our set crew arrives to begin the installation process, which includes double checking corner pins and fine-tuning the stone to ensure a square, level and plumb installation. The crane and the walls arrive on site for installation. The set crew installs the foundation and cleans the site when finished.

You’re now ready to start building!

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