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The precise manufacturing process for Superior Walls, how the walls are delivered and installed, and additional product details.

Superior Walls Products

Builders and homeowners choose us because we manufacture high-quality Superior Walls products to precise specifications, care about providing excellent product and customer support (before, during, and after construction), and offer custom solutions to meet their project’s goals.

We make precast concrete products for above-grade, below-grade, residential, and certain commercial projects.

The Xi and Ui walls are two popular options for builders and homeowners in the areas we serve.

Xi Wall

Insulated and Ready for Finishing

  • Standard wall heights: 10', 9', and 8'2" and 4'. Other sizes are available upon request.
  • 2-1/2" of cavity insulation in various configurations for superior warmth and energy efficiency.
  • High-strength 5000+ PSI concrete reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers.
  • Meets or exceeds energy conservation requirements from both the IECC and the IRC in most climates.
  • Galvanized steel stud facings.
  • Each wall is custom manufactured and designed, complete with built-in openings for windows and doors.
  • Ready for drywall, adding more insulation, and wiring or small plumbing.
  • Can be installed in virtually any weather when competitors are forced to suspend operations.

Xi Plus Wall

Extra Strength and More Insulation

  • The Xi Plus Wall has all the features of our Xi Wall, plus:
  • 1/2″ of Dow® THERMAX™ insulation and 4-1/2″ of rigid foam insulation.
  • 4” insulated bottom footer beam.
  • Cavity insulation value of R-21.3.
  • Meets Energy Conservation Code requirements for basements.

Ui Wall

Uninsulated Wall Designed for Use Under Garages and Porches

  • Uninsulated 4-foot high precast concrete foundation.
  • 10 ¼ inches wide at the bottom, 4 inches wide at the top.
  • Ideal for shorter foundation areas of the home that will not be used or accessed, such as under a garage or porch.
  • When used in conjunction with the Xi panels, a home's entire foundation can often be installed in only 1 day.
  • Low-cost, more reliable option compared to poured concrete or concrete block.
  • Each wall is custom manufactured and designed, complete with built-in openings for windows and doors.
  • L-shaped for added stability.

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