Energy Efficient Precast Foundation

Superior Walls are the preferred building material for architects and builders when creating green-certified homes. See how our product makes your home more efficient.

"Engineered precast concrete walls are a compelling option for residential construction... It’s great to find builders open to innovation."
Sam Rashkin, Retooling the US Housing Industry

Benefits of Superior Walls

If you are looking to build an energy-efficient home, consider using Superior Walls foundations. Our off-site prefabrication, built-in insulation, and included moisture protection makes Weaver Superior Walls, LLC the right choice for energy savings and efficiency.

Efficient Energy Savings

A Superior Walls foundation incorporates insulation that is bonded directly to he precast concrete, forming an excellent thermal air seal that minimizes the potential for drafts and energy loss.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A dry basement improves air quality by minimizing the possibility of mold. Our walls feature 5000 psi concrete with a low water to cement ratio for built-in damp proof protection.

Saves Resources

Our precast wall panels include concrete studs, which reduces the amount of wood needed to build your new home.

Reduces Waste

Every panel of your prefabricated basement is created in our highly-efficient factory. Off-site fabrication means less on-site waste.

Minimal Jobsite Impact

Our panels do not require on-site sprays or bituminous coatings other foundations require for damp proofing. Combined with the ease of installing these prefab walls means minimal impact on the soil in terms of contaminates and erosion.

Recycled Materials

All the steel reinforcing bars in Superior Walls panels is 100% recycled materials , and the materials used for our insulation is up to 40% post industrial recycled content.

Reduce Energy Costs with Prefab Superior Walls

Our walls come with built-in insulation that runs continuously to the concrete floor, creating an airtight space that helps lower energy loss. For the homeowner, that means greater comfort and reduced energy consumption. Our Xi Plus panel incorporates R-21.3 insulation; for colder climates, you can easily add additional insulation to maximize the R-value up to R-42.

Precast walls help you meet green building standards

Precast foundations are quickly becoming the go-to product for environmentally-conscious designers and homeowners looking to create green, energy-efficient buildings.

Superior Walls is the only NGSB-Certified foundation product, making our panels the recommended choice for green building standards.

Superior Walls can help you build an Energy Star qualified home. Our custom wall assembly contribute to the overall home insulation value and limit air infiltration into the home. Creating this thermal air seal is an important part of improving your home’s overall energy efficiency rating.

NGBS & Leed Certification

Superior Walls provide architects and builders the opportunity to earn additional points towards National Green Building Standard or LEED certification. See what credits are available by using a precast foundation for your next green building.

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