Do Superior Walls Need Insulation?

The short answer is no, Superior Walls products do not need additional insulation. Why? Because Superior Walls panels are pre-lined with closed-cell foam insulation during the manufacturing process, resulting in R-values of ≥ R-11 or 21.3, depending on which product you choose. However, there is room between the insulated studs to add more insulation, if desired.

Insulation Comparison by Product Type

Superior Walls offers two precast wall systems: The Xi wall system that has a continuous layer of Styrofoam insulation, and the Xi Plus wall system, which is insulated with DuPont Thermax™ and rigid foam board.

Product Insulation Thickness/Type R-Value
Xi Wall System 2-1/2″ of cavity insulation in various configurations ≥ R-11
Xi Plus Wall System 1/2″ DuPont® THERMAX™ & 41/2″ of rigid foam 21.3


Xi Wall
Xi Wall.
Xi Plus Wall
Xi Plus Wall.

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Why Would You Add More Insulation to Superior Walls?

There are a few reasons to add insulation above what is already included with Superior Walls:

  • Increase R-value & reduce heat loss
  • Soundproofing or sound deadening
  • Save on energy bills

If you are going to add insulation to your Superior Walls, we recommend using closed-cell insulation products (eg, DuPont Styrofoam). Open-cell products could contribute to moisture issues, so using closed-cell insulation will contain interior vapor (warmer air) and eliminate the potential for condensation*.

If you want to maximize energy efficiency and keep your investment in insulation lower, consider adding insulation to above-grade walls only.

*Superior Walls products are tested to the UL1715 fire test standard and comply with the requirements of the 2018 International Residential Code – Section R316 (Foam Plastic). An additional thermal barrier is not required unless foam insulation was added after the panel was manufactured.

How Do You Add Insulation to Superior Walls?

We recommend two insulation methods because they have shown consistent results and prevent condensation from forming within the wall cavity:

Two-Part Polyurethane Foam. This is a closed cell material and completely closes off the cavity from moisture penetration. Foam can be sprayed to the required thickness to achieve the desired R-value.

Polystyrene Foam Board. Foam boards can be placed between studs and sealed with a canned polyurethane expanding foam. Using polystyrene foam board and canned foam completely seals the cavity from moisture penetration.

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