A New Era of Ownership

We at Weaver Superior Walls, along with our sister division Northeast Superior Walls, are thrilled to announce a major shift in our corporate structure. Weaver Superior Walls is proud to announce that we¬†are now a 100% employee owned company.. This move ensures full ownership for all current and future employees. It’s more than a change in ownership. It represents our deep commitment to empowering our team and sharing success. Check out our latest Feature on Lancaster Online.

Empowering Our Team

The decision to become an ESOP was carefully made by our previous owners, Trendline Capital and Doug Pfautz.. Their goal was to align our employees’ interests with the future prosperity of our companies. This reflects our dedication to creating a culture where every team member feels personally invested.

Building on a Legacy of Excellence

Becoming an ESOP is a milestone for us. It marks us as the first in our network to adopt this model. This achievement underscores our belief in prioritizing our team. Andrew Zimmerman, CEO of Superior Walls of America, shares this sentiment. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing and installing patented foundation systems continues, now under an employee-owned structure.

Innovating Since 1985

Since our founding as the first Superior Walls licensee., innovation has been our hallmark. The Weaver family’s departure in 2021 allowed us to grow under experienced management. The ESOP transition, started in July 2023, was meticulously planned. This ensured a smooth shift, empowering our employees as true stakeholders.

Looking Ahead

Our move to an ESOP is not just strategic. It’s a heartfelt pledge to every team member’s prosperity. This step reflects our current position and our aspirations. We believe that together, as owners, we can forge a prosperous future for our business and enrich our team’s lives. Our history is remarkable, yet the future holds even more promise. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’re building more than just walls. We’re creating futures.