A Foundation is Forever.

“You can upgrade to granite countertops later, but you can never upgrade the foundation of your home.”

Watch the video to learn why working with Weaver Precast and Superior Walls is a choice you will feel good about.
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This Old House visits Weaver Precast

Weaver Precast Featured on This Old House

The long-running PBS show visited to our Ephrata plant to see how we make precast foundation walls.

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Make the Best Decision for Your Project

Imagine never worrying about basement dampness, construction delays, or foundation cracks again.

It’s clear why so many home builders and homeowners choose Superior Walls over block and poured foundations.

With Superior Walls by Weaver Precast, you get local service and support from hands-on team members who genuinely care about your success, and are here to support you before, during, and after your project. Plus, we back our Superior Walls with a 15-year guarantee against leaks.

You can rest assured that a Superior Walls foundation will keep water out and that it won’t crack under pressure like many traditional block and poured foundations.

Choosing a foundation is the most critical decision for any building project, because you can’t change your mind later.

Superior Walls Vs. Traditional Foundation

Why Superior Walls Are a Better Choice

Superior Walls foundations are better than poured or block foundation because they are made with steel re-enforced, high-density concrete (5,000 psi) that’s poured into permanent forms in a controlled environment. (According to the American Concrete Institute, 4,000 psi mix is watertight.)

Faster to Install

Most installations are completed in 1 day or less. Pre-studded walls are ready for finishing, which means projects run smoother and stay on schedule.

No Worries

The 5,000-psi concrete in Superior Walls is 10 times stronger than a conventional block wall. You’ll never have to worry about cracks that leak.


Superior Walls by Weaver Precast are guaranteed for 15 years for structural defects and sidewall ground water penetration.

Superior Walls

What Are Superior Walls?

High-density concrete that’s poured into custom-built frames and reinforced with steel.

A crane lifts and places each piece one by one. The seams are sealed with a waterproof sealant that keeps moisture out and allows for slight movement when settling occurs to avoid cracking.

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Superior Walls vs. Traditional Foundations

Before you consider block or poured foundation, think about this…

Traditional block and poured concrete might be less expensive now, but what might they cost you in money and headaches in the future?

Concrete block is inexpensive, but it’s porous and water will seep in over time if not properly installed and sealed.

Poured concrete cracks. There are various factors such as on-site pouring of concrete, lack of quality control and uncertain weather conditions during construction that can lead to cracks…

You won’t have any of these issues with Superior Walls.

Consistent broom finish
Installs in hours
Ready for finishing
Superior Walls Superior Walls
Traditional Foundations
“In this competitive time where we are all struggling to give our customers the best quality services that we can in a timely manner, it means a lot to us at EGStoltzfus that you work hard to do your best for the people we serve.”
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