Our professional crews install most average-sized basements (~1,000 sq. ft.) in one day. Backfilling can be done as soon as the floor is poured, and the subfloor is properly attached to the top of the wall. And, since the walls are cured in our facility before they are delivered to the jobsite, you can start construction immediately.

You can have your foundation set in the morning and begin work on your home in the afternoon – no matter what the weather is like.

Can Precast Walls Be Installed in Cold Weather?

Speaking of weather, our service area covers much of the northeast United States, where snow and cold can slow down construction. In colder areas of the country, cast-in-place (CIP) concrete is not an option when the temperature drops below 50°F.

The good news is that with precast Superior Walls, cold winter weather won’t slow you down. The National Precast Concrete Association has several interesting stories of cold weather projects from across the United States, including projects from Alaska, Montana, and Minnesota.

Even in the coldest weather, Superior Walls can still be installed typically in one day.

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