About this Project

This project involved demolishing and redesigning a two story home inside a religious community in Loch Sheldrake, NY. The architect and builder chose Superior Walls for several reasons, including how late in the season they were building, the product’s damp proof walls, and our ability to provide a dry crawlspace.

We used 10′ XI panels for the majority of the project, with additional custom height walls. A unique feature of this project is the “inside out” walls, where the concrete wall is facing inwards instead of out. This area (seen in the photos) is a covered walkout porch area, and it gives an appealing, matching finish to the foundation, while keeping the overall labor costs lower and ensured a consistent result.

Location:Loch Sheldrake, NY

Builder:John Falvella & Michael Lewis Architects

Set Date:October 8, 2018

Project Stats:
  • 10’ XI Walls
  • "Inside Out" Walls

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