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Precast Concrete Walls Will Keep Your Basement Comfortable & Moisture-Free Year-Round

More than just a basement – you will have a customizable space & a highly usable part of your home.

A Precast Foundation Makes Basement Finishing Easier

Key features of our precast concrete wall panels:

  • DOW Styrofoam for superior warmth and energy efficiency.
  • Galvanized steel stud facings.
  • Ready for drywall and wiring or small plumbing.

[GUIDE] Superior Walls vs. Poured Concrete: Which Is Better?

You might have heard that Superior Walls cost more than poured concrete. While pricing varies from state to state, in most cases, the costs are comparable mostly due to the reduced labor costs with precast concrete.

We published a cost comparison guide that we hope you find helpful in forming your own opinion on precast vs. poured or block foundation systems and which is the right choice for you.

Superior Walls Vs. Poured Foundations

“You have more than just a basement – you will have a space that you can customize to the living space of your dreams that will stay dry and become a real and usable part of your home. One of the best investments you can make in your new dream home build!!!”Missy H. (Google review)

Benefits Over Traditional Foundations


Suitable for Any Home Type

Superior Walls’ can be found in elaborate mansions to cozy log cabins. Superior Walls have been customized for homeowners ranging from moderate incomes or wealthy lifestyles.



A continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, which is more energy efficient and reduces energy costs. Our walls have concrete studs so you can easily add insulation without installing additional framing.


Guaranteed Performance

Weaver Superior Walls, LLC Superior Walls, LLC are guaranteed for 15 years for structural defects and sidewall ground water penetration.


What makes Superior Walls better than conventional foundations?

Superior Walls foundations are dry. By using a special low water/cement- ratio concrete, our wall system requires no additional damp proofing. They are warm, with full-length insulation built in to increase energy efficiency. Superior Walls high-strength 5,000 psi minimum concrete is reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for added strength. They are smart, with convenient features like built-in accesses for wiring and treated wood nailers for drywall. An important feature for builders is the speed of installation. It takes just five hours to install a typical home foundation.

What types of homes feature Superior Walls foundations?

Superior Walls' customers live in everything from elaborate mansions to cozy log cabins. Superior Walls have been customized for homeowners ranging from moderate incomes or wealthy lifestyles. Superior Walls have even been the choice foundation for celebrities like former NFL star Troy Vincent and former NASCAR® driver Darrell Waltrip.

Will Superior Walls Foundation System add to the overall value of my home?

National studies have shown that families move, on average, about every 7 years. When you decide to move on to greener pastures, you can helpget top dollar for your home by choosing a Superior Walls foundation system now. A well-constructed warm, dry basement is very important to prospective home buyers. Another important benefit is the potential for additional living space. A Superior Walls foundation system is perfect for additional bedrooms, a family room, etc. Think about it! If you're building a two-story home, a full Superior Walls basement system adds 50% to the available living space. With a single-story home, it's doubled.

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